Irresistible Attraction.

Man kissing mature man's bald head
Man kissing mature man’s bald head

As I was going through my mail on my computer this morning, my son Ranjan who had come downstairs on some errand, came along behind me and planted a few kisses on top of my head, with a semi hug and disappeared as eerily as he had appeared.

This is not the first time that it has happened. He does this quite often, particularly when I am sitting on a sofa solving crossword puzzles in the mornings.

My daughter in love Manjiree is no less attracted to my head and will sneak up behind me when I am sitting on my recliner and reading to plant a few kisses and coo a bit before disappearing.

There must be something irresistible about a bald head with a friar’s fringe that attracts them to perform these rites on a regular basis.

Not to be left alone, Chutki will inevitably catch me when I am fast asleep by nosing around my fingers that may be at the edge of the bed. Having made her presence felt and heard me acknowledge that, she too will disappear to her place of rest.

I am not complaining. Just making an observation and feeling grateful about such nice things happening in my life on a regular basis!

13 thoughts on “Irresistible Attraction.”

  1. My second son will ruffle my hair as he walks by and it is delightful. I want to say you are a lucky man but it isn’t luck that generates such affection.

  2. it’s probably some sort of game, that your family have devised – to make sure you are kept on your toes – but also it speaks loudly of the affection that they feel for you as well…

    I have friends who “hug” versus others who don’t…

    A few people touch my hair – especially when I’ve gelled it – some expect to be hurt by the sharp spikes and get a surprise when it bends rather easily. I used to gell my hair all the time, but now it only gets that when it really due for my newer style/haircut – like now…

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