Is overrated or is it really useful?

Amazon in India launched online marketing in February 2012 with a portal called (Junglee in Hindi means ‘wild’ or ‘ill mannered’). From the very first month of its operations in India, I have been a regular customer of theirs. They became in June 2013 and if anything, my purchases from them increased. On an average, I make three to four purchases from Amzon every month, now a days, mostly books for my kindle application. I also buy gifts to be sent to others on at least a couple of occasions every month.

I have also used and on a few occasions to import or deliver something overseas to friends.

I tried their competitor Flipkart on a couple of occasions but was disgusted with their after sales customer service and stopped dealing with them totally.

I have also used eBay on occasion with satisfaction but by and large depend on Amazon.

There are a number of other online marketeers that I use for dry fruits, specialised books, grocery, vegetables and fruit besides a number of home delivery of food portals.

To sum up, I am more or less an exclusive online-shopper from home and have found the experience satisfying and convenient. I am particularly fond of Amazon and so, the answer to the question asked by my fellow Friday blogger Shackman for this post, is a resounding no, they are not overrated but are really very useful for comfort zone denizens like me. Please do go over to his blog to see what he has to say about his experience with

Disclaimer. I have a grand nephew working with Amazon India in Pune. That rascal never visits me or calls me with the excuse that Amazon keeps him too busy. I am glad that Amazon keeps him so busy that he is forced to stay out of trouble, particularly the kind that his grand uncle that he calls Daadu can get him into.

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  1. Living in a small populated community. On line shop can be a life saver. One could drive 5 to 100 miles looking for items.
    For my hubby shoes we drive about 100 miles.
    Let me tell you for simplist things one could spend a lot time and gas, still come up frustrated.
    Shopping on line can be life saver.

    Coffee is on

  2. I have to agree (shamefacedly, because I am also aware of the other side of large corporates, but that’s another story).

    I’ve been shopping with Amazon ever since Junglee changed to I’d say that eighty percent of what I need, I find on Amazon. Their delivery is reliable, tracking and communication good, wallet and cashback system rewarding and pick-up (for returns) convenient. Admittedly, some prices are ridiculous and shipping costs are often a bit high, but there are also some great discounts (especially on books), and the convenience and comfort of shopping without stepping out is undeniable.

    Their immediate competitor Flipkart, on the other hand, will send you two wrong items out of three (an experience I had just last week) which makes them very unreliable. They also feature more bargain basement stuff rather than quality, so you have to be careful what you buy. I would guess it is the bargain-seeker that comes to Flipkart rather than a person looking for quality. I believe Ebay has now merged with Flipkart, but I don’t know whether that will be an improvement, besides increasing the number of sellers and getting access to Global EasyBuy.

    There are other players who have upped their game recently, but none come close to Amazon’s vast options or its service. I especially like the fact that they are accessible instantly (even calling you, instead of you calling them) and have polite and informed customer care people.

    I’m not a member of Prime because I never really need one-day deliveries and Amazon Pantry isn’t available in my area. Also, I get my viewing elsewhere, with a much larger bank of movies and shows.

    Amazon has a very long-term vision, and focuses on the big picture – winning customers instead of short-term profits. For the foreseeable future, i would definitely continue to buy from them.

  3. Like most things,used wisely I agree with your assessment – curious – do they pay well there? They are known to pay well but be very demanding here.s

  4. We use Amazon quite a bit, usually for things that would be hard to find locally. That category can even include shoes, for example. A couple of years ago, I needed to replace the shoes I wore for work. They were very comfortable, but I knew it would be almost impossible to find them locally and, even if I did, it would be unlikely that they would have my very large size. I ended up buying two pair of the same style but different colors.

    We are Prime family members and, almost certainly, the free shipping has paid for it. Not counting Kindle books, I bought 69 items in 2017. Karen has her own account and also orders about as frequently.

    1. I have recently been looking around for a chair for my bedroom to sit and read while the rest of the family are watching TV in the drawing room. I just took a chance and went to Amazon to find that they can oblige too! Really amazing.

  5. I don’t think Amazon are over-rated. They’re very efficient and excellent for getting things that aren’t available in local shops. I mainly buy books from them but only as a last resort or if I want to send a book to someone. I try to buy books at our local Waterstones whenever possible, to keep them in business. Also, I hear regular accounts of the stressful and exhausting working conditions at Amazon and I don’t want to condone that unless I really have to.

  6. I opened an account when the Marine gave me his old Kindle.
    I’ve now read four books on it. all bought through Amazon.
    and as you know I recently bought the book you recommended.
    I will continue to enjoy books there. and I love their on line presence about books and the reviews. and actually reviews on many other things besides books!
    as Martha says… “it’s a good thing.”

  7. I’ve not gone down this avenue, but I have bought books from Book Depository which is UK centered. I have looked at Amazon from time to time, but my needs are few right now…
    As you know I buy most of my food/groceries online from a local branded supermarket but I have issues from time to time…
    I don’t actually know what Amazon does for down here, but I think my neighbours use it/similar a lot because packages come sometimes in the dozens…

    1. I still buy a lot of stuff form other brick and mortar stores like daily needs, grocery milk, eggs vegetables etc. Amazon simply has enabled me to avoid going into the shopping hubs where the traffic, parking etc are brutal.

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