Is Global Peace Possible?

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peace_symbol_3My answer to my own question is no.

There is just too much investment in the arms and ammunition industry, for peace to ever visit our planet.  The military, industrial, political interconnectedness will ensure that we will always have strife of some sort in many parts of the world.

In my own backyard, I do not foresee peace in my life time, and for that matter, in my son’s life time either.  I am not cynical.  I am just being realistic.

32 thoughts on “Is Global Peace Possible?”

  1. well . . .
    given that the human race has tried to annihilate each other ever since the beginning . . .
    i agree totally with you.
    there is one thing that might bring them more together. and it’s very possibly in the works now by man’s own hand . . .
    the weather related catastrophes make get worse and worse and so bad that man will be FORCED to get along with each other for his own survival on the planet itself. but like you say ~ not in our lifetime or that of our children’s and their children even.
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  2. Unfortunately I have to agree. So many people have a stake in war and military activity of one kind or another, and so many people are determined to force their religious or political ideas on others, that global peace seems like pie in the sky.
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  3. When I think how hard it can be to just stay friends with some members of my own family I wonder how we think nations can ever stay friends.

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