Is It Remorse?

My regular readers would remember the first video I posted on my post “Two Forwards.

The Guardian carries a report that the lady will spend time in prison.

I quote from the report one portion that is intriguing. “Emma West, 34, from New Addington, south London, cried as magistrates watched a video of the incident,”

I wonder if she cried because she felt remorse, or because she just could not understand why she was being punished at all. I really wonder if she understands that somehow, she has done something wrong. I doubt that. I think that she cried because she was totally bewildered as to why such a fuss was being made.

Let me elaborate. I doubt that she realises that the targets of her ire were all in Britain legally and were there to perform some functions for which there were vacancies in the British employment market. I doubt that she realises that for many, due to old colonial ties and a British education, including passing out with British school/college/university diplomas and degrees is the only education available and Britain offers more than their home lands offer for advancement. I submit that she is simply ignorant and the punishment is too severe.

Quite what can be done to remove such ignorance is not for me to say but, there is more than meets the eye in this episode. A subsequent article by Hugh Muir, again in the Guardian raises some very interesting points.

The last paragraph particularly is worth its weight in gold.

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