Is It Worth The Effort?


Right, there are two heroes here and I salute them.

And I wonder what happened to the moron who was texting and almost lost his life. We have similar deaths taking place in India too with texting or talking on the phone idiots walking into the flowing traffic or falling into railway tracks from platforms and so on. There are also drivers doing such suicidal things while behind the wheel and increasingly this is becoming the biggest contributor to accidents.

My question is therefore relevant don’t you think?

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  1. Long ago, a friend of mine destroyed his car while not paying attention. He was looking at a pretty girl while driving. I had expected that this phenomenon would grow into an epidemic, but it never happened. What truly surprises me is that the pretty girls have, um, taken a back seat to the texting.
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  2. It is an offence to use a mobile phone while driving in this country, but you still see idiots, changing gear, negotiating roundabouts etc, while driving with only one hand on the wheel. That with children in the basck of the car!
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  3. I don’t care about ‘suicidal’ drivers who do stupid things. Be it on their head. Who I do care about are those at the receiving end of numb-skulls who can’t leave their ‘networking’ device alone for one minute. Which is why I find Val’s comment of ‘natural selection’ offensive.

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    1. Why? Nature wants idiots to kill themselves. It is the heroes who risked their lives. Just look at the travesty of it all, the idiot simply disappears without anyone knowing who it was.

  4. i live in a university town. i’m not saying it’s only one age group. but it is noticeably a majority of a certain age group. you drive behind them and they slow down to a crawl ease over the line then speed up then slow down. they are TEXTING.
    i’m like ursula. if they want to commit suicide that way it’s fine with me.
    it’s the others they take with them.
    i think that’s really all that val meant too. we’re all three saying the same thing in a different way! key word in it all . . . idiots.
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  5. It is also illegal here in regards to driving and cellular phones – either talking or texting whilst driving. But it doesn’t seem to stop people…I suppose they think “no one is going to stop me” but for a cost of a few dollars a bluetooth ear plug or similar in your car averts that…because people have always sung along to the car radio.

    Also in Auckland, the train programme has a disembodied voice regularly advises (over intercom) to stand 1 metre back from the edge during the movement of trains. At some stations they have overhead cameras, as I remember once announcement to “man in green shirt, keep away from edge” I don’t think he was texting, just not paying attention…and another time, a station person arrived to tell person to move from edge…

    but accidents continue to happen…sometimes not through this type of action.
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    1. Imagine the situation in India where every station platform will have hundreds of people and is usually noisy and one cannot really make out what the announcer is saying!

      1. okay…sometimes announcements here are not made by someone who has English as their first language and often it is relating to the fact that the train (particularly at the bigger stations) is now leaving from platform 3 – which is a long walk…from wherever. But yep, I can see how with huge populace there would be a problem; not just from the voice but the different dialects etc.
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  6. Well if I had not read it, I wouldn’t have believed it, how stupid can they get!? The mind boggles Ramana, it really does. Makes you wonder how people managed before mobile phones! Great for emergencies & taking videos in the streets, but everyday use, even when driving!
    Well I have only one question Ramana, “do they make them in pink”?! 🙂
    Regards, Keith.

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