It Is A Small World.

Today being the Golden Wedding Anniversary of friends in Mumbai, I wanted to surprise them with a gift and requested my Godson ND who used to live close to them some years ago if, he could arrange to deliver some Indian sweets to them. ND promptly agreed to send it through a friend who continues to live in the neighbourhood and I sent the address to which the sweets were to be delivered.

Lo and behold, the friend who was still living in the neighbourhood knew my friends as his children were tuition students of the wife.

The gift was procured and delivered well in time for the celebrations and my friends were zapped as to how I knew the students.

7 thoughts on “It Is A Small World.”

  1. It’s a very small world here in Northern Ireland. With a population of around 1.9 million, the chances of meeting someone you already know are quite high. It’s a standing joke that our granny’s cousin twice removed will probably know our auntie’s best friend (or something to that effect).

  2. We are all nearly 1 degree of separation here which astonishes me at times. One of my friend’s granddaughter’s was best friends with my grandniece without our knowing this. Small population of 1/2 million.


    1. When I was telling my son about this event, he gave me many instances of such events in his life where the degree of separation was maximum two. Since he does a lot of social work, this is his reality despite our population being almost four million.

  3. to me that managed to make your gift even more personal!
    a lovely outcome for all.

  4. What a great thing you did. It is amazing in this large social media circle of friends we live in how easy it is at times to come across friends long considered forgotten because we haven’t seen or spoken to in years.
    Blogging (even as limited as I blog) at times brings out friends I have long forgotten (not on purpose but more of an “out of sight – out of mind”) only to reconnect with and bring each other up to date on what is happening in our lives.
    So happy your intentions and gift turned out so successfully.

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