It Is A Small World.


My newly made friend at the local park and I were exchanging notes on our pre retirement careers when I discovered that he had spent some time at Bahrain.  When I asked him if he had ever come across a name he literally jumped out of the bench and asked me how I knew him.

The name I took was of my late cousin Chandran who had spent three decades in Bahrain. my new friend Dev and his wife were good friends of both Chandran and his lovely wife Jyoti while at Bahrain, but as it would happen, when Dev left to pastures new in the Middle East, he lost touch and his coming across me to catch up on news of Chandran, Jyoti and their children was like a miracle for him.

It is a small world!

11 thoughts on “It Is A Small World.”

  1. synchronicity. According to one area of math studies, if you talk long enough to someone you have just met, you will find, within three generations, (meaning friend, friend of friend, friend of friend of friend,)
    a common person.
    Dun-Na-Sead recently posted..Dog Humor

  2. incredible to me when that happens!
    given the size of the population… the time that has passed…
    and the chance you two should meet!
    and now… what a lovely link to make the new friendship even nicer.

  3. Isn’t it interesting? In some ways I want to keep my horizons broad, and in others I am comforted by the way my little world keeps circling around me with such familiarity – even in strangers.
    Mother recently posted..A Sad Story

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