It is Sunday.


Start every day with a smile, and get it over with
~ W.C. Fields

For me every day is Sunday so it hardly makes any difference from day to day.  Getting over with it everyday too is no big deal.

Today, is however rather special because someone who has borrowed some money from me has promised to return it today.  I hope that he fulfills his promise.  If by about 4.00 pm, that is in about nine hours time, he does not, I will have to stop smiling and do something about chasing him for it.

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. My physical therapist for my broken knee cap, who treats retired people who have injured themselves, said it would be wonderful not to know what day it is; people missing appointments because every day is the same. SMILE because you don’t have to go to work & look forward to Friday.

  2. If you don’t get the money back keep smiling since it was never meant to be yours ! Daane daane par likha hai …:)

    1. Dear Grannymar, this is no personal attack, neither would I ask you to lend me a fiver: The quote you mention the very one I so detest. Whatever else Polonius had he most certainly was not generous of heart and compassion.

      Please don’t tell me that you wouldn’t lend – even give – to someone in true need nor borrow when you yourself find yourself hitting the wall? But then, maybe, you have never known TRUE need.

      Pathetic example and I could come up with some grander and far more interesting ones: A few years ago I managed to lock myself out of my flat and my wallet – comprehensively and in a city I had just moved to so I knew no one. I walked into a garage and met with just that phrase and that stern face that only the self righteous are capable of. I had only asked for one Pound Sterling so I could make some phone calls. Never ever in my life have I despised anyone more than that Mr Big Guy quoting Polonius to me. I had shown him ID, my address, that I lived round the corner, assured him I’d pay him back next day. No doing. Well, next day I did turn up – again, showed him that one (in this case my) measly pound I’d asked him for and dropped it into the CHARITY box on his counter. Mind you, people like that are so thick (skinned) the irony probably totally lost on him. Never mind. I give freely when I can I have met with extraordinary generosity and kindness – in some cases from complete strangers. Yes, the world is good when you know where to look and trust. With a nod to Ramana and his culture: The Angel does believe in Karma. So may any of the Polonius followers never find themselves either tight fisted or in need.

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      1. There you go again, Ursula, jumping to conclusions.  My comment was about borrowing and lending – as was the Post above. There was NO mention of GIVING, a point mentioned in your comment addressed to me.

        “Please don’t tell me that you wouldn’t lend – even give – to someone in true need nor borrow when you yourself find yourself hitting the wall? But then, maybe, you have never known TRUE need.”

        That shows how little you know me.

        I have experienced TRUE need at a very young age, we were taught how to cope without whining, it was one of the best lessons in life I learned. From that stage on, I learned to live within a budget and stick to it. I do GIVE. I give myself, my time, my talents. I’ll pay a bill, put food on a table or give cash if that is what is needed. All of the above are given UNCONDITIONALLY and quietly, that is why I have never felt the need to mention them.
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  3. According to the ‘World Clock’ as I post this comment it is 6:42 PM in Pune so I assume since there are no gleeful followup comments from you, you must be out chasing the culprit who failed to pay you back! 😕

    On the other hand, perhaps they did pay your back and you’re out shopping with the returned funds… and interest I presume! 🙂
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