Itching Palm.

I am not at all superstitious but something unusual happened to day which has led me to rethink my stance.

“It is believed that the itchy right palm foretells the possibility of unexpected money or wealth coming in. You will receive money from new sources or your lost money will find its way back to you.”

I was reading my kindle and waiting to be called for lunch when suddenly my right palm started to itch. I stopped reading to scratch and also mused about the old superstition and wondered from where, at this stage of my life, money will come to me.

The doorbell rang and it was the chauffeur of a friend of mine who handed over an envelope to me. I opened it to find some crisp currency notes. I then remembered that my friend, who is not very computer savvy, had requested me to procure something for him from Amazon which I had done quite some time ago. I had even forgotten all about it when out of the blue the reimbursement landed up.

I had hardly sat down again to read when the doorbell rang again and a courier delivered a parcel from another friend in Chennai who had sent me some gifts that I had long ago expressed to him as not being available locally.
Should I become superstitious?

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