Jack Reacher : Never Go Back.


As my readers know, I am a great fan of Lee Child and particularly like his hero Jack Reacher. Throw in Tom Cruise into a mixture as Jack Reacher in a movie, and how could I not go to see it?

Due to illness, I was not able to see the first Jack Reacher movie when it was screened here and this time around I had no intention of missing it for any reason and so off I went earlier this afternoon to see it and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Tom Cruise effortlessly portrays Reacher and is ably supported by Cobie Smulders. It is a fast paced action movie and has one glued to one’s seat from the start to the finish.

If you are a fan of Jack Reacher, or like action movies and are willing to spend about two hours in a movie hall, I recommend that you go and see this film.

13 thoughts on “Jack Reacher : Never Go Back.”

  1. I hope you did not spill any popcorn on the floor. Bout the only thing I like Tom Cruise in is action pics and I really liked the first one. problem is Cruise is really a runt so somee of his bad- assery is a bit of a stretch, albeit an enjoyable stretch

    1. No, I had forgotten to wear my dentures! He is indeed a runt compared to the description of Reacher who is 6’5″ and weighs 250 lbs. That is jarring but for those who have not read the books, I don’t think, it would matter.

    1. There are three multiplexes within a radius of three sq Kms from my home, and between Hollywood and Bollywood enough movies are produced to keep enthusiasts like me entertained.

  2. the marine has read all the books. so i’m sure he’ll probably see this as well.
    funny… he made the same comment as shackman! he said tom cruise doesn’t really fit the description of jack reacher.
    but apparently cruise doesn’t let that stop him. and i read somewhere that he always does most of his own stunts. that’s pretty impressive. especially as he’s getting older!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  3. I would to try out a book…what one would you suggest that creates a background on the Jack Reacher character? Hoping that whatever title that might be, can get it through the library service (apparently there are quite number of titles available from the catalogue…)

        1. I’ve been struggling with any kind of leisure reading but I did pick up “Never Go Back” – than another blogger was talking about books you are reading, or even books lined up to read…

          Somehow, today, although doing certain other things at home, lead to me getting stuck into the book…

          great book – fast paced, always something unfolding – not keen on some of the “broken bones, head butting” but that I suspect was to be on the cards. I may read some more of author: Lee Child books.

          but first I need to finish “Arkie’s pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing” and “The Bullet Catcher’s daughter” – the first one I just picked up off the library shelf but the 2nd one I had ordered (I don’t know why…yet)

          1. By the time you finish it, you will be thoroughly satisfied and become a Lee Child fan. Incidentally, I have just finished reading The Last Mile by David Baldacci which is the sequel to his previous The Memory Man. Both are very readable too. I have already preordered for the third in the series The Fix. The last one is scheduled to be released next April.

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