Jai Hind.

Jai Hind is Indian for Long Live India.

I have been extremely cynical about my country’s political and bureaucratic leadership and have mixed feelings about its armed forces. Mixed in the last case because while by and large they are honourable, black sheep have been caught with their hands in the till too often for me to give them a completely clean chit.

In this scenario when a foreigner, that too a Lady Pastor talks well of India, it gives me goose bumps to realise that the Indian people are still capable of being decent and wonderful human beings, despite all the sufferings that they are forced to endure by the inept and corrupt leadership and administration.

I leave my readers with this article to share my pride with.

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  1. I don’t think we really need someone visiting from the outside to give India a “clean chit” in this respect or any respect . The problem is that we have a low opinion about ourselves . Of late , in a large measure due to our immature “sensationalising” media, we have become very cynical about everything going on in our country . If one were to believe them rape is a purely Indian phenomenon , match fixing / cheating in sport is purely an Indian phenomenon , corruption is purely an Indian phenomenon etc etc . They would have us go to war with Pakistan and China on a yesterday basis . Rape in Brazil ( for eg ) has assumed frightening proportions – tourists are the new target , the less said about the Armstrong “mass” doping case ( and fixing of matches , wrestling , horse racing etc ) the better . I don’t think the office bearers of the respective Governing bodies have resigned ! As for corruption , I can assure you that we don’t have a monopoly – the number of cases as a proportion of population are about the same as any other country ! The challenges we face as a country and as a people , given the numbers , area , diversity and history cannot be compared to ANY OTHER NATION ON EARTH ! Jai Hind !

  2. jai hind! brought to tears nandu pillai by your comment!
    and i am not indian!
    i read rummy’s excellent link first. then your comment. being an outsider i did not know that people in india have a low opinion of themselves.
    here in america i think the opposite may be said of us… we have too high an opinion of ourselves! LOL.
    i find other cultures fascinating. and india is to me a feast of sheer vibrancy. color. noise. ancient. modern. harsh. loving. beauty. good. bad. bursting at the seams of civilization!!! but then i am a die hard romantic. smiles to you and rummy. jai hind!
    tammyj recently posted..elizabeth

    1. Indians having a low opinion of themselves is a point of view that I don’t share Tammy. Just look at Nandu and me! Do we come across to you as Indians with low opinions of themselves?

      There is however a small but very vocal population that is wannabe Westerners. They think that being Western is equal to being Western. That is wearing jeans, drinking Pepsi and eating big macs. They are what I call the neither here nor there generation who do have a low opinion of themselves and I have no time for them.

      I have a high opinion of myself and my country for all the reasons that you write plus a host of other reasons about which you will learn as I write more and your read more.

  3. Now I am wondering how to modify “Jai Hind” to get Long Live Little India. After working with Indian engineers off and on over the years I have always had a good working relationship with them. The city of Fremont where I live is 18.1% Indian so we end up feeling a certain part of the rhythm. Still very much looking forward to going there one day.
    Looney recently posted..The War on Extremism?

    1. Jai Chhota Hind will do nicely!

      One thing for sure Looney, you will not go back without being affected one way or the other. The chances are that it will be many others. I hope that I will be here to escort you around to some parts which I will very happily do for you.

  4. It can be incomprehensible to a lot of Christians, the idea of living in a society as a Christian where Christianity doesn’t dominate the spiritual landscape. I am so pleased that the pastor found south India a good place for a Christian to be. But I have to say that for quite a few Christians I’ve met here, Christianity is simply their community, or to put it another way, their ‘caste’. They are simply following their family tradition. Nothing else.
    Maria from ‘gaelikaa’s diary’ recently posted..Review – SALVATION OF A SAINT by Keigo Higashino

  5. Rummy, hello!

    I know how you feel about your own country; I many times feel the same about mine (which has issues, a lot of them). But yes, there are a lot of good things about India, and things to be proud of – that article you shared names a few. The same way Portugal has a lot of things that make me proud of being Portuguese – despite the prevalent nepotism.

    There are worse countries than India…trust me.

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