Joggers’ Park

After I had posted my “Whine Bar” post, I thought it prudent to inform my readers that I am very happy living in Pune and particularly in the locality within it.

Kalyani Nagar is the name of the locality and it is considered to be one of the best in Pune. The Kalyani Nagar Residents’ Association is an active body which closely liaises with the Municipal authorities, our elected Representatives, the Police etc to ensure safe and clean living for the residents. The website is still under construction and will be a fully dynamic one soon.

My regular readers would of course be familiar with our joggers’park. This is located just behind our home at a distance of about 300 meters. Many senior citizens make this meeting point in the mornings and evenings while incidentally walking or jogging. Romances have blossomed here as have interpersonal problems solved. It is by and large a friendly atmosphere here and familiar faces recognize each other and greet or smile at one another.

A recent news item is reproduced below. If you click on the image, the whole article will enlarge for easier reading.

Conrad, I don’t have a whine. I shall send the others with whines to your whine bar if you revive it.

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