Joyful Marriage.

My friend Becky posted this on facebook and I was taken back in time to my own marriage ceremony.

Our marriage was an Arya Samaj ceremony with a proper havan presided over by a very dignified priest.

About half way through the ceremony when the couple are expected to repeat the mantras recited by the priest and offer ghee to the fire as part of the ceremony, I got distracted by the arrival of a pair of friends who had come from almost across the country to attend the ceremony. I was exchanging greetings with them and completely ignored the ritual and got a dig in my ribs from my intended’s elbow to remind me to get back to the ceremony. That dig sent the spoon which I was using to offer the oblation, flying into the fire and there was total chaos till it was recovered, washed and cooled before the ceremony could proceed. Unfortunately, no film exists of those few minutes but I can assure you that the laughter you see in this clip is nothing compared to the laughter that the episode generated among the couple and also the visitors to the ceremony.

It was one of the two serious points of remembrance every wedding anniversary thereafter! The other was a more hilarious episode about which I have written before here.

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  1. We laughed during our wedding too. It was simple, before a Justice of the Peace, but the woman typing up the wedding certificate kept making mistakes. One of them was having me marrying Andy’s father. She kept leaving the room and trying again.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Poor Packrats

  2. “My awfully married wife….! Whats up Doc ? I have waffles in my cawwot patch ! ” 😀

    1. And how often do you get to see that phenomenon? I seem to see more of grumpy old couples miserable in each others company than cheerful souls enjoying each other’s!

    1. I suppose that all weddings have their moments of fun but to record them for posterity and share them with strangers like this video does is really fascinating.

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