I am in some confusion and am writing this post to try and clear the cobwebs to come with the correct solution to a problem that I am facing just now.

There is an acquaintance whose presence in my life is toxic to say the least. He suffers from all kinds of complexes and covers up his own inadequacies by acting superior and generally being unpleasant and insufferable. I know that he will simply wither away if I cut him out of my life as he has few friends and those that he has, avoid him as much as they can. He has been pestering my other friends too with his unpleasantness and they have had enough of him.

My problem is to decide on the extent to which I should be compassionate and continue to allow him to be in my life. I keep coming to the conclusion that I should cut him off but I feel sorry for him as the last time that I did, he did show remorse and showed some moderation in his behaviour but I now see the old patterns creeping back into existence.

justification 2

I think that I will sooner than later bite the bullet and cut him off.

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