Kaabil. (Capable)

The last of the three Hindi films that I had wanted to see in January but could see only earlier today turned out to be worth every minute of the 2 hrs and 20 minutes plus the time for ads, commuting etc.  I had written about the other two here and here.

This story is one of revenge but an unusual angle is given by making the hero and heroine blind. The action scenes are very credible particularly when one of the parties involved portrays a blind man. Every possible emotion is kindled in the viewer with remarkable ease by the very professional presentation.

What stands out in the film is the remarkable acting skills of Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam. Under the very capable direction of Sanjay Gupta both appear to be really blind and there is not one misstep in the entire film which is thanks no doubt to some excellent editing.

The others in the cast produce capable and professional performances, again thanks to some great direction assisted by very effective cinematography. Unobtrusive background music except for one very loud remix of an old favourite song, enhances the viewing experience.

If you can get to see it, please do not miss it.

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  1. “both the hero and heroine blind”. Fascinating, don’t you think, how we connect – when there is no visual stimulus, no being able to look into someone’s eyes to gauge their inner workings, no body language giving you any pointers. The more I think about it the more intense the whole idea becomes. So what does a blind person have to go on? Obviously voice (hearing) and feel (touch) and, I dare say, most importantly intuition. They say that if/when you lose one of your senses your remaining senses sharpen, become more refined, more perceptive.

    Yes, touch. An interaction that moves me to tears when a blind person “sees” your face by them lightly touching up your face to get an “impression” of you, literally.

    Ursula recently posted..The eye of the beholder

  2. I enjoy films in Hindi, but I enjoy them a lot better with some sort of sub-titles. I miss out on a lot of subtle nuances because of my less than proficient Hindi.
    Maria recently posted..The Supernatural

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