My regular readers know that I am a great believer in the theory of karma.

Often, there are stories that makes one wonder why somethings happen one way when similar instances end up with different outcomes.

There are many stray dogs everywhere but some get adopted and get homes and most don’t. Why should this happen?

There is no logical explanation except that the dogs that get adopted do so because they are enjoying the fruit of some good action in the past and the adopters are enjoying a fruit of their own past actions.

Here is the first story to illustrate the phenomenon.

And the second.

12 thoughts on “Karma.”

  1. I laughed at your links. I guess you’re right. the name apparently is important!
    and the names that were rather ’embarrassing?’ to uncles and bosses. 😀
    but I mostly loved the story of Chutki. I remember when you first got her.
    she was a sad little thing that was a miracle in itself that she even survived!
    but now look at her. she is a Princess!
    and the last paragraph in the story of Rani… how wonderful is that for him.
    I wish more people would do this…
    ” It is much better and healthier to adopt a community dog. All animals have immense ability to give love and spread happiness.”
    rescued dogs are the best. they literally KNOW you saved them! and they seem to remain always grateful. wow. humans can take a lesson.
    hugs to little Chutki! (would love a picture on your posts of her now and then!)
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  2. I believe in Karma. I enjoyed your post, and those two links. Chutki sure is a lucky girl. The dog who moved to France – that is a sweet story too.

  3. KARMA – like Creationism requires a degtree of faith to believe. I am inclined to believe the former – not the latter.

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