Keep Them Doggies Movin’.

Another unusual topic from Lin for the weekly LBC posts.

This time, let me confess that I have heard the song by the Blues Brothers and so that choice of the title does not come as a surprise to me unlike the earlier one on Sunday In The Park With George.

Here however,  is a true story which has come just as a Godsend for this exercise. I wonder if Lin is psychic!  Another case for synchronicity?

My friends A and N sold of their residence and other interests in the North of India and migrated to Pune. They discarded most of the stuff that they had accumulated over a quarter of a century and what bare minimum that they needed to set up their new home in Pune was all packed and transported by truck to Pune. They had one simple problem which defied solution. Their lives for the past few years have revolved around one Boxer and one Labrador Retriever. Both massive specimens who look fierce but are in reality gentle and amiable fellows.


After much toing and froing and considering various alternatives, it was decided that the best way to transport the two dogs was by road. That would have meant three days of driving with two night halts on the way. Attempts to hire a mobile home failed and so it was decided that two cars will be used. Since one car had to be brought any way, another was hired with a driver and a temporary driver was also hired to drive their own car.

A’s daughter Nisha forbid the senior citizens from driving down and so it was decided that she would escort one dog in one car and my son Ranjan would escort the other in the other. Ranjan therefore flew up and after spending a night getting everything ready left as planned in the caravan of two cars.

The two doggies were kept movin’ for three days and were put up in pet friendly hotels for two nights in 5 star comfort. Nisha and Ranjan landed up without much ado with the dogs somewhat cranky after the long journey. Nisha and Ranjhan were thoroughly exhausted and would not like to repeat the exercise ever again.

A and N had flown down in the meanwhile and there was a grand reunion of the dogs, the daughter and the parents along with a bemused Ranjan benignly looking on after three days.

The story however does not end there. The family decided that they will move on to their home in Goa which has a large compound where the dogs can play to their heart’s content just as they did in Delhi. So, the entire family in two vehicles moved down to Goa with the dogs and they were escorted by Ranjan in one vehicle. After seeing that they were settled comfortably Ranjan flew back to Pune the next day.

I hope that at least for some time more, these dogs will not be movin’ anywhere else.

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