Keeper Of The Past.

I was sitting in the veranda and reading a fascinating book and simultaneously enjoying the rain falling in our garden. My bliss was disturbed by a phone call on my mobile. One look at the caller identity and my joy was indescribable. It was from Vijay, my class mate and fellow alumnus, calling me from Mumbai.

Vijay lives and runs his business in Delhi but was on his way to the airport from the Mumbai city after having conducted some business there, to catch a flight to Delhi. He remembered me and called to just say hello and shoot the breeze. I was delighted and we had a long chat on the phone.

My purpose in writing this post is not about the joy of receiving phone calls from my friends. That certainly is among the many joys that I have in my life, but this post is about Vijay and his passion for art.

Why reinvent the wheel? Better scribes than I have written about Vijay and you can read all about him and his passion here.

Vijay, this is to express my great admiration for what you do and your spirit. I look forward to that promised visit to Pune soon.

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