Khajoor Pe Atke!

This is the title of a Hindi movie that I saw yesterday. It is part of a saying that goes Aasmaan se gire’ aur khajoor pe atke. It means Fell from the skies and got stuck in a date(palm fruit). It is supposed to indicate a common housefly that falls down and settles on a piece of date fruit that gets stuck to it without being able to extricate itself.

In English the equivalent saw would be From the frying pan into the fire.

The story revolves around a family of three brothers, one sister and their respective families. All of them gather from various parts of India in Mumbai to be with one brother in coma in a hospital. The overt purpose of family ties hides the covert agenda of property sharing if the brother in coma dies.

The cast is full of actors and not even one star to carry it. That makes for excellent portrayal of difficult personae under the debut directorial performance of a Television actor. I would call the genre tragi-comedy and the experience was worth spending the money and time on a hot afternoon.

This story is loosely based on a 2016 Marathi film called Ventilator. I had seen the Marathi version and in all fairness must concede that the Marathi version was a better experience. This story departs from the original by bringing in the element of a property share whereas the earlier version did not and restricted itself to the hospital drama.

Portrayal of non Mumbai people experiencing Mumbai life is depicted without exaggeration and with sensitivity and that makes it a new experience for me.

All in all, a movie worth watching for its novelty value.

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