Kick The Bums Out.

Looney has this pithy post on his blog under Signs of the Times.

My regular readers will remember how the elephant’s rear view got on to my mast. It was a reader’s query as to what exactly I meant by my tag-line “Wisdom By Hindsight”. I obliged.

Since then, the irrepressible Millie has been flooding me with various alternatives for the elephant. Some very appealing, and some grotesque. She is convinced that I am obsessed with hindsight.

Another reader with who I shared my problem with Millie came up with another angle to it. She offered four alternatives to my blogging name of Rummuser. They are:

  • Bumrum
  • Rumbum
  • Bigbumrum and
  • Bigrumbum

Unfortunately for this mischievous lady, I have invested a great deal of time and effort on the equity of that name.  Have can I possibly ditch that name?

I have turned down the suggestion, but invite my readers to suggest which of the four alternatives would be a good fall back name to use, if ever I change my mind.  I personally like the last.  It has a robust resonance to it.  And as Conrad would put it, said aloud by a sonorous baritone, it would sound very impressive indeed.

Before my Scottish nephews get offended, I offer what they had suggested as the alternative graphic to the elephant. The Scottish equivalent of the American Cheer leaders. This has a lot of merit too. What do you think?

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