Kingsman: The Secret Service.

kingsman What my friend Shackman would call a popcorn movie.   And Shackman, I bought a large box to share with my companion for the afternoon who could not follow quite a bit of the accents.  Very entertaining, if somewhat difficult for someone unfamiliar with British accents of which quite a few were on display but made easier to follow by some more familiar American accent from Samuel Jackson as the very hateable villain.

A weak and incredible, (in-credible) story, but good action scenes. tight direction and editing makes it worth an afternoon’s outing.  What we call “timepass” here. Very creditable performances by Colin Firth and Taron Egerton with some good support from the others bar Michael Caine who I thought was underutilised and was disappointing.

If you like mindless entertainment with a lot of incredible action, you can do no better than spend a little over two hours watching this film which I will give a [rating=4] rating.

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