Kiss And Hurry Sundown.


O innocent victims of Cupid,
Remember this terse little verse:
To let a fool kiss you is stupid,
To let a kiss fool you is worse.
~ Yip Harburg

And the same genius can come up with the lyrics for this most creative song by a trio that I love.

Chuck, try and figure out why now and what could possibly be the connection between the two different Yips.

4 thoughts on “Kiss And Hurry Sundown.”

  1. E Y Harburg -co-author of the PPM song – Did I ever tell you I met Noel Paul Paul Stookey and spent an evening with him? A great, friendly guy – when we met and shook hands I must have looked od as he asked what was amiss. I chuckled and said nothing – you’re just taller than I expected . He laughed and said people say that about Peter too – because Mary Travers not only had a giant voice, she was fairly tall too. We met at a CD release party at a Dallas syudio. The CD was for a projstc for kids in hospitals the he was part of. Gret fun and much discussion about the relevance of his old style protest songs to current events.
    shackman recently posted..Rough and smooth

    1. I look forward to the time that the two of us can quietly sit and share our experiences. Yours more on the world of music and mine on the various people who have crossed my path over the years.

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