This is called kooja in Tamil and Phirkicha Tambya in Marathi. It is a vessel with a screw on cap which used to be store and carry drinking water.

Pre-filled plastic bottles have now replaced these but, during my childhood this was seen during all train and bus journeys.

The following image is a caricature of an Indian politician with two yes men behind him.
Yes men are till today called Koojas in Tamil Nadu as they used to carry water for their bosses in such vessels.

In Hindi and other North Indian languages, they are called chamchas the original word still used in regular conversations means a spoon.

Have you ever been a kooja/chamcha or had one? I have both.

12 thoughts on “Kooja.”

  1. I like the kooja, so much more stylish than a plastic bottle!
    I’ve never been important enough to become a yes person but I certainly avoid confrontation, especially with people who have hiring and firing power!

  2. I like the sound of the word kooja and so much more attractive than those tacky plastic water bottles. To be a kooja could be quite an insult and I hope I have never been one.

  3. I too love the idea of the Kooja – rather than the mass of thrown on the ground plastic water bottles (Plus the disposable masks). I have water bottles that are used over and over again, but they don’t look as fancy as these…

    I was a “yes woman” for too many decades to a husband who felt his needs were more important than mine…now I’m in charge of me!
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Friday “shortie”

  4. I would prefer a return to the Kooja since I read chemicals in the plastic bottles leach into the water.
    I’ve not been a “yes person” to the degree if I could not believe in or support a matter I would pretend otherwise.

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