Learning 2.

In a WhatsApp group discussing the current developments in Afghanistan and the political situation in India now, I came across two new terms one of which is based on the following image.
This image leads to what is called a rabbit-duck illusion. The link will take you to its explanation but, this was used by one commentator to discuss how people are seeing current reality and coming to conclusions.

The other term that I learnt today is The Overton Window. Here again the Wikipedia explanation suffices but, for me, it was a learning experience.

Using both the discussions ranged from optimism to pessimism and realism and for me it was a fascinating experiencing learning so many nuances.

No, I shall not explain my own political leanings or my opinions on what is happening in Afghanistan but, I do intend using these two terms to effect in my approach to studies as well as discussions in the future.

4 thoughts on “Learning 2.”

  1. I had not heard of these either. The rabbit/duck reminds me of the old/young woman. I also won’t opine on the politics you mention. I hope you and your family are well.

    1. We are very well thank you Kaitlin. With the relaxation of the lockdown, I sense a great deal of optimism all around and I hope that it does not translate into another wave.

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