This post has been inspired by one with the same title by Cheerful Monk.

Cheerful Monk goes further with a follow up post on the history of the naming of the two lions in her next post The Library Lions.

I had seen these statues of the lions in New York as a tourist on a guided tour and these details were not told to us by the guide. On the other hand, when I visited Paris as a tourist at the museum the Rodin’s statue The Thinker which appears on my mast here was explained in detail by the guide and made a deep impression on me.

The point is that I learnt a bit about Rodin thanks to the guide and about the New York Lions from Cheerful Monk. In the case of the former, my curiosity made me follow up with more investigations later on. Another work of art that intrigued me and about which I investigated and learnt was this in Milan;
One is never too old to learn new things although I find it convenient to use the adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” when it is needed.

The masks on the lions made me smile. Do they you?

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  1. Do the masks on the lions make me smile? No, they don’t.

    Masking a serious issue – by masking it as a joke – is not funny.


  2. I would think that the the masks on the lions is to point out that everyone should wear them. There is such a division in the US – masks have become political. People forget that they are life-saving. Those of us who wear them are sometimes judgemental of the people who don’t, thinking them thoughtless, arrogant, or just “in your face”. Who knows.? I wear my mask when out and about and the few stores where I shop require them. They are mandated by the state (although many ignore the mandates). I was told that a friend’s husband wore a mask into a store and was not waited on by the unmasked clerks. Go figure!

  3. No doubt the Thinker’s mum told him to stop daydreaming and do something useful.

    As you say, one is never too old to learn new things, especially with the internet firing information at us 24 hours a day. I’ve probably learnt more in the last ten years than in the rest of my life!

  4. I love New York, I’ve visited twice, the library is a beautiful building but I didn’t know the lions names, good names. I agree about never being too old to learn, I echo what Nick said.

  5. Ramana, the Old adage is :

    You Can’t “Teach” An Old Dog New Tricks –
    Merriam-Websterwww.merriam-webster.com › dictionary › you can’t tea…

    You can’t teach an old dog new tricks definition is –
    —used to say that a person who is old or is used to doing things in a certain way cannot learn or does not …

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