In my post The Importance Of Education I had mentioned that the purpose of education was learning to learn.

Nothing else recently has happened to me to give body to that definition than my latest adventures with my new phone which I was gifted just a couple of weeks ago.

This model is very different in many ways than the one that I had used for many years before acquiring this one. It has been a continuous learning process since I acquired it and almost on a daily basis I have had to unlearn earlier ways to learn new ways with this.

The latest adventure was when I had to add a new contact to my bank of contacts when it simply refused to accept the full name of the contact and stopped at half way through the surname. I battled with it for over an hour before asking for help from my DIL who readily, if somewhat amusedly sorted it out for me and also taught me how to do it by myself the next time I had to add a new contact.

I never had any doubts that I was educated and this adventure simply proves that I am as,  I am still, at the age of 78, capable of learning.

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  1. I suspect everyone has to keep learning, whatever their age. I had to deal with some thing quite different on my new phone a few weeks ago, I finally asked Mr Google, who was very helpful. But then I wrote it all down in my daily reminder notebook as the way to deal with the issue it’s 5 steps more than it was in my last phone!
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Out and about: it’s July!

    1. A good way to recall steps which one can forget. Today was another lesson learnt for me as I had to use my phone banking application to pay for something and had to learn the process from my son. A blog follows.

    1. I doubt very much that there will be anyone who does not learn new things unless one is totally incapacitated. The world we live in simply does not allow us to rest without adding to our knowledge.

  2. Dear RR Sr,

    I had absolutely no doubt that you were capable of learning at your age and probably till any age :). My mother in law is another example though she is nowhere near as educated as you are – she manages a couple of phones and attends zoom meetings and lectures regularly on a variety of subjects from spoken English and Sanskrit to elocution. We “spring chickens” of 59 have great role models to live up to 🙂

    1. Sandeep, quite a few of friends of my age group and I are scared of zoom meetings and avoid them as much as we can! Shows that your MIL is better at such things than we old codgers are.

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