Learning – 7. Self Proclaimed Expert.

A person from London is called a Londoner, from New York a New Yorker, from Glasgow, a Glaswegian and so on. In India, one from Mumbai will be called a Mumbaikar, from Delhi, a Delhiwala, and so on. I live in a city in Maharashtra in India called Pune. A resident will be called Punekar.

That preamble was to introduce you to a new word that I learnt today.


It is defined as “a person having  the habit of giving opinions and advice on matters outside of his knowledge or competence.”

Instead of that tongue twister, Maharashtrians, that is, people who live in Maharashtra, India, will simply call a person of that nature a Punekar.

For my readers, I think that I am an exception that proves the rule.  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Learning – 7. Self Proclaimed Expert.”

  1. Ultracrepidarian !! what an impressively sophisticated addition to my vocabulary.
    a synonym: Punekar !
    I didn’t know this, but it certainly is true of people in the IT industry here, with very few exceptions.
    Acctually almost anything they say falls outside their area of competence, as they usually have none.

    I don’t know your area of expertise, but I have one (in itself not important). The caveat is, that actually, I’m “almost an expert”. And this is just right, because an expert is some one who knows more and more about less and less, till truly he knows everything about nothing.

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