Learning In The 21st Century.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ”

~ Alvin Toffler

I love to learn new things and also am today forced to unlearn many things due to the very rapidly changing and unpredictable ways of the 21st Century. The Covid Pandemic has also ensured that one is restricted in one’s movements, forcing one to find ways to amuse /occupy oneself and this too leads to unlearning and learning new things.

I have blogged about many instances of my learning new things and here is one of those posts to lighten up the mood here.  My readers will also recollect  my earlier post where I learnt about pupcakes.

Today, when I came across the Alvin Toffler quote with which I have started this post, I had just unlearned that my old way of using my new cellphone will not work and I had to learn the new and correct way to use it for one particular application. I had just finished that activity when I had to learn how to use my cellphone’s banking application to do something new that I had never done before.

I think that most of us are like me unlearning and learning new things and the most important thing that we are learning constantly is that there is absolutely no use resisting change that is all the time overtaking us.

Would you agree?

14 thoughts on “Learning In The 21st Century.”

  1. I had somehow missed the original ‘cockwomble’ post. LOLOL!
    and so thoroughly enjoyed it this time! loved the comments too.
    sadly I’m afraid we’re not through with the U.S. cockwomble.
    he is forever preening himself for his next political mayhem.
    and to other Happier thoughts… So glad you’re enjoying your monsoon season dear fellow pluviophile! xo

  2. Indeed, resisting change is pretty futile when so much is changing so fast. If you resist change you’ll soon become an eccentric old hermit. I’ve got used to all the constant changes in banking procedures, in payment methods, in booking arrangements, in airline security and a hundred other things. And we’ll be doing everything differently again in ten years’ time.

  3. I am constantly learning. Always have.

    I believe much of today’s problems are from those who refuse to learn (like our former president and his followers).
    Mike recently posted..Break-through!

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