Les Misérables.


Yes, I experienced misery yesterday.

Other than the stellar performances by Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway, both of who are favourites of mine anyway and I am likely to be prejudiced, there is little to recommend about this film. If you dislike films which try to depict reality with low light quality, this is a film most certainly to be avoided.

I went knowing fully well that I will feel miserable, because I am familiar with the story which has haunted my generation of Indians from childhood with Ezhai Padum Paadu a Tamil film version of the same story being very much part of our education and growing up. Needless to say, the novel had to be read to be discussed with peers who would otherwise think that you were uneducated. I developed a mild headache during the viewing which magically disappeared when we came out of the theater into bright sun light.

All was however not lost. I enjoyed the company of a charming young lady who perhaps had a worse time than I had seeing the movie, but who enjoyed the lunch that followed as much I did.




Yes, Greek Salad served in a triangular dish, Ratatouille Crepe and Apple Crumble in a restaurant called most inappropriately FLAG’S. The ambiance and the service was excellent and we were well fed.

So, if your outing includes an escapade for a good meal in a good restaurant to compensate, avoid the film.

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  1. Nothing like a good meal to lift one’s “miserable” spirits ! The pics of the food are so good that FLAG’s should pay you for them or at least offer a free meal the next time you visit ! It is clear that you were not on the Golden Globe’s selection committee ! I have seen Argo on DVD , Life of Pi in 3D and Marigold ( loved it ) on a flight – yes , any which way …. Yet to see Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln . Dev Patel’s line in Marigold is a classic : “Everything will be OK in the end …. if it is not , then it is not the end !”

  2. thank you for the critique! i mean it.
    i have a problem with the ‘low light’ of so many films these days.
    it may be ‘artistic’ but it is darned uncomfortable to watch for over 2 hrs.
    the food pictures are nothing short of fabulous!!!
    you have a whole new career rummy ~ food photographer!
    and i hear that it’s supposed to be difficult. but not for you!
    i must go now and find something good to eat. you’ve made me hungry. LOL.
    tammy j recently posted..a happy puppy

  3. A good meal makes up for a lot of suffering.

    I have seen two versions of this movie, so was curious to see how many more there were. Dr. Wiki lists 13 Les Miserables movies starting from 1909 together with a punk rock band.
    Looney recently posted..Why Evil Exists.

  4. Thanks for the review – i want to see it anyway.
    Love the story – grew up with the tale of Jean Valjean, the priest and the candlesticks. Also very much enjoyed the Jean Paul Belmondo version – which switched back and forth from revolutionary times and post World War Two.

    But… so far can’t get anyone to come with me.
    blackwatertown recently posted..I’ve struck it rich in the movies…

    1. You are not using your devastating charm BWT. Getting someone to go with you to a film should be a cakewalk, but for this one, I can understand.

  5. Wow – the ratatouille looks spectacular – I’ll wait for the movie to hit cable. Musicals used to be faves of mine – I loved Oliver, Camelot is one of my all time faves. I even got a kick out of Paint Your Wagon but the current offerings have done little for me. I agree with Paul though – a great story I recall as required reading as a freshman in high school.
    shackman recently posted..Good intentions

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