Les Misérables.


Yes, I experienced misery yesterday.

Other than the stellar performances by Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway, both of who are favourites of mine anyway and I am likely to be prejudiced, there is little to recommend about this film. If you dislike films which try to depict reality with low light quality, this is a film most certainly to be avoided.

I went knowing fully well that I will feel miserable, because I am familiar with the story which has haunted my generation of Indians from childhood with Ezhai Padum Paadu a Tamil film version of the same story being very much part of our education and growing up. Needless to say, the novel had to be read to be discussed with peers who would otherwise think that you were uneducated. I developed a mild headache during the viewing which magically disappeared when we came out of the theater into bright sun light.

All was however not lost. I enjoyed the company of a charming young lady who perhaps had a worse time than I had seeing the movie, but who enjoyed the lunch that followed as much I did.




Yes, Greek Salad served in a triangular dish, Ratatouille Crepe and Apple Crumble in a restaurant called most inappropriately FLAG’S. The ambiance and the service was excellent and we were well fed.

So, if your outing includes an escapade for a good meal in a good restaurant to compensate, avoid the film.

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