Let’s Twist Again!

A friend Marie has suggested that I learn these moves for my next command performance. Thank you Marie.

Our dialogue went something like this:

On receipt of the link I: “You are underestimating my skills!”

Marie: “Video please, video please!”

I think that I will oblige her. But not quite just now. I need to get myself properly organised by getting into a pair of trousers to start with, having been in a lungi for GOK how long.  In the meanwhile, here is something that might just inspire Marie and others of her and my age group to get out and DANCE.

21 thoughts on “Let’s Twist Again!”

  1. the cutest little bag o bones there! he even threw in a twerk with the twist! LOLOL.
    i used to twist and loved it! but i was also still doing the hula hoop those days too… just for the fun of it. i can’t keep that hula hoop going now!
    those china grannies. how sad. makes you glad all over again for little freedoms. oh my.
    tammy j recently posted..i’m exuberant

  2. Saw this years ago – real cute! But now that we can anticipate a live performance from you, I wait with bated breath 🙂

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