I just cannot resist this temptation.

The English language has 26 letters in the alphabet. In a fount of type, 206 characters are required. These are made up of Roman lower case, capitals, and small capitals; included are the diphthongs and ligatures, the retaining characters being the accented letters. Accented letters are those with the grave, acute, circumflex, diaeresis, or tilde, and the cedilla. To these characters must be added the figures, fractions, points, brackets, reference marks, and commercial and mathematical signs in common use.

The frequency of use of each letter is as follows:
A 8.17%
B 1.49%
C 2.78%
D 4.25%
E 12.70%
F 2.23%
G 2.02%
H 6.09%
I 6.97%
J 0.15%
K 0.77%
L 4.03%
M 2.41%
N 6.75%
O 7.51%
P 1.93%
Q 0.10%
R 5.99%
S 6.33%
T 9.06%
U 2.76%
V 0.98%
W 2.36%
X 0.15%
Y 1.97%
Z 0.07%

Now, do you really want me to proceed any further?

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