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  1. Ramana, dear dog in heaven, this minute I feel like throwing myself at your shoulder, Shackman’s, my son’s (and where is Looney when you need him?).

    Why? Because I like answers. Not least to the question why I find so much fault with the cartoon. I don’t deliberately go around finding fault with things. I just do [find fault with things]. Never mind. I don’t subscribe one hundred percent to “we are who we are” but still … I suppose we are who we are. At best we realize that all of us are in need of being tweaked, fine tuned.

    Obviously, as you point out, death is the contrapoint to birth, but fact is we only do live once. My dear Ramana, show me the person who claims that they wouldn’t wish to turn the clock back to this moment or that in order to employ your famous hindsight and I show you a liar.

    Other than that, the sentiment that we live every day (till we die) is true. One might “fine tune” it and be even more pernickety: We live every second. Nay, nano second.

    No, I am not down in the mouth; I just don’t like white washing facts,

    1. Turning the clock back to remember something or the other is also living at the moment. Just as one blog post on a fountain pen generated so much of nostalgia for me, you and so many others, we do live in the present and such looking back makes it worthwhile are such flashbacks. I wonder if you have read The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. A remarkable book which I found very interesting and have recommended to many others as well. If you can get the chance, please read it.

  2. I’m still grappling with my new found life – that extraordinary “mistake” or as the director of radiology said “a mess, that I will put right” – yes my UNplanned adventure was to put that to rest, but when you come back to reality and home, it’s still with you – especially the major tidy up I did…
    My “Plan” now is to sort out what it was, I was going to do with stuff…the bits of stuff, I kept for the reason to do with the “a mess”; then decide if those bits are truly needed – I still seem to have a lot of bits, and having discovered on the adventure, I need very little to create with…………enuff said, for now πŸ™‚
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  3. The opposite of death is birth and life in it is eternal. I suspect someone could write essays on that. Unfortunately I’ll need to think about it but I like the idea

  4. Hi Rummy,

    There’s no death either, I’d say: there’s disincarnation. Death is so very final, especially when life is much more than existence in a body, and our Self lives beyond our physical demise; so perhaps it doesn’t make much sense to speak of existence in terms of life and death but as a Continuum throughout several stages, several universes, several planets, dimensions and so forth…

    This is a very deep subject indeed, and there is much to be discussed about it. Over a cup of tea, of course πŸ˜‰

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