Life Is Uncertain.

I had to wait for quite some time before I could post this article on my blog. You will understand the reasons for the delay as you come to the end of the post.

Cheerful Monk wrote this in her post Life Is Uncertain six weeks ago.

“Rummuser’s recent post reminds me of the T-shirt I wore years ago when our organization was about to downsize. It said,

Life is uncertain so eat dessert first.

Unfortunately Qannik over at The Thundering Herd is on a diet and can’t do that. So he smells the flowers instead.

That works too!

♥ ♥ ♥

I responded to this post with the comment:  “My inner Guru says, why either or? Use both.”

The Monk responded: “What does your doctor say? ?”

And I responded to that question with: “My doctor, as you probably remember from my older posts is also a dear friend. He says, that I am now living on “Bonus” time and might as well have fun while I can. He is an old fashioned GP who believes that human beings were not engineered to live to suffer and die in old age as they now do.”

And there lies the reason for the delay. In May I had a lot of problems with my health, the most annoying being the pain in the shoulder. I found an Indian remedy for it and it seemed to work a great deal better than just the exercise routine and I happily went off to Delhi on a short vacation. I fell ill there with Delly Belly and cut short my vacation to return to my comfort zone.  It has taken all this time since then for me to be able to say that I am now back to my 2013 level of fitness. I have started to take walks every evening and the visits to the park have now reignited old friendships and fun and my doctor friend says that the chances are that I will most likely have a trouble free death unless I get into some unforeseen problem.   In any case, since I am on bonus time, I have decided to enjoy the uncertainties as well.  So, yes, there is uncertainty but tempered with quite a bit of certainty as well.

I can do both now.

28 thoughts on “Life Is Uncertain.”

  1. well.
    i am a dyed in the wool worrier. even though i know it’s pointless.
    i’ve tried to stop. believe me i have.
    but it’s like eating one potato chip apparently.
    i’m so glad to know all this about you AFTER the fact.
    i would have worried.
    i ‘felt’ something was not right. but couldn’t put my finger on it.
    you didn’t post as much. and there was simply a difference.
    good health is everything.
    i’m so glad yours has returned dear rummy!
    it’s not that i want to live forever. i just want to feel good in the meantime!
    tammy j recently posted..two leos

  2. Problem with that tee shirt is the longer you live and foollow it;s precedpt the more likely you are to have issues laater if your lucjk hold – LOL. Such irony.
    Glad to hear things are better. In this ibnstance living in the past is a good thing.
    shackman recently posted..James Thurber’s Dogs

  3. Looney makes a good point. If I had not lived in this century, neither I nor my oldest daughter would likely have survived her (breech) birth, and second daughter wouldn’t have been conceived. I could consider myself living on bonus time from that time forward. Or, when my breast cancer was diagnosed earlier than my mother’s had been, and I survived that, I could have considered myself living on bonus time. But what I really considered bonus time was when I lived past my 45th birthday. My mother died due to her breast cancer on her 45th birthday.

    I’m glad that you are currently living more comfortably on bonus time, resetting your clock back to 2013. I’m glad you’re feeling better. You have a lot to offer to all of us.

  4. Living on bonus time is much better than living on borrowed time. I am happy that you lived a good life to receive a bonus. We, your readers, are the true beneficiaries.

    Stay blessed, Ramu bhaiya.
    Rasheed Hooda recently posted..Good Morning

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