13 thoughts on “Life Of Pi.”

    1. When you see the movie, you will understand why this particular tiger is called a Parker but I know two Parkers who are tigresses alright.

    1. Not necessary but preferable, You could also read it later to get a better understanding of the nuances that I mentioned in my earlier post.

  1. My wife is demanding that we go to see the movie. I think it has something to do with it being directed by a Chinese and partially filmed in Taiwan, but maybe she has secretly read the book.
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    1. India plays a very little part in it. The Indian portrayed as Pi however most certainly did. There are people who talk and move just like him everywhere.

  2. Purely on your blog, I went to watch this movie.
    Thank god you went to watch Life of Pi as your first movie after a long pause…
    Such a wonderful movie.

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