Life Without Social Media.

I cannot for the world of it remember what made me come up with this topic for our LBC Friday posts. Having come up with it however, I find it quite a challenge to write something about it. Moreover, when I inserted the image of the different types of social media alongside, I was flabbergasted that there are so many, most of them, I had never even heard of.

I use WhatsApp and Facebook regularly and see many clips on youtube whenever I get any reference to one. Apart from these, I use my blog and visit some blogs written by other bloggers. Other than these, I don’t use any app from the wide range available. I however cannot imagine spending a day without these social media applications that I use regularly. They take up some time which otherwise would have been spent watching birds and butterflies in my garden. Sometimes I wonder if that would not be a better way to spend my time!

And to close this post, and to get my readers to have a good laugh, let me use another social media application to show this clip”

I had suggested this week’s topic. You can see what the other writers of the LBC have to say in their respective blogs.  Maria, Pravin, Ashok and Shackman.

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  1. Like you I use Whatsapp and Facebook and I blog. Mostly I blog. Thinking about it I realise I would be completely lost without blogging. It’s the need to write in the hope that someone will read it.

  2. Thanks for the clip. I can’t see anything funny in it, but that’s me.

    As to the dynamics of your Loose Bloggers Consortium I suggest that the moment any of you come up with a subject write down what moved you, spur of the moment. Then, months later down the lane, you won’t have to scratch your head what on earth possessed you to come up with your suggestion in the first place.

    Still, it could be worse. You could be me. Occasionally I have theeeeeee most marvellous brain blips or so I think, throw myself on my blog page and at my readers’ mercy. Having penned the intro (first paragraph) I regularly lose the plot and have no idea what I meant to write about. It’s grand. It’s marvellous. It puts me into my place if only there were a corner. Never mind. Forget the saying “waste not want not”. I have my own: Waste your want.

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    1. A good suggestion Ursula and I thank you for that. I do not have problems with coming up with ideas for blog posts. I do however get lazy now and then and stop with just the Friday post.

  3. I’m a bit like the moon waxing and waning with social media – some times wide eyed and all over it and others closed eyes not bothered at all.

    I do however ‘like’ my blog Still Waters. Might have breaks, be a bit short on content now and again, but it’s never thought of as a chore, something I must do or I’ll miss out by not knowing what others think or do. ~ Cathy

    Ps thanks for your comments Ramana – sometimes I’m slow to answer ?
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  4. I don’t have many places nowadays but when there was IRC or similar, I was on quite a few of them, even met people real time…

    I had other picture places, I probably have them still but I haven’t used them for yonks…

    Then I had a number of blogs – now I’ve just my wordpress one, an all sorts. Although, it looks like I will need a dedicated artist one soon.

    I’ve 2 f/b pages one that is personal and one which is artist – this 2nd one, I have difficulties with too many boxes about boosting etc. I belong to a variety of closed groups and have other public groups lurking about…I love them. \

    I’ve got an instgram a/c but I don’t really know how that works…sometimes I can fathom how to load something, the next not!!!

    I also subscribe to a number of other info/news and a few of my uTube makers…

    Loved the comical uTube clip you provided…:-)

  5. The only social media I use are Facebook and my blog. I could probably survive without Facebook, which is mostly tittle-tattle, silly photos and people grinding their political axes. But I couldn’t survive without my blog, which is now 10½ years old and which I enjoy immensely. I’ve never been interested in Twitter, however fashionable it may be.
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