Light And Power.

Joared from Along The Way has a detailed blog post on her problems with power outage. Her post has inspired this post.

I have considerable experience of being without electric power due to outages and the most important thing that one needs when there is outage is some form of lighting in the nights. I have experienced all the following choices during those difficult times.
A Hurricane Lamp so named as once lit, it would not go out even doing a hurricane as long as there was kerosene in it to fuel it.
A Petromax lantern with a Mantel that gave much better lighting.

Does that need any explanation? We used to have them in all the rooms in our homes along with boxes of matches alongside till cheap use and throw away cigarette lighters came into the market.

Then came computers into our lives and we needed electricity to use them before battery operated portable ones came along. So we opted for these:
Honda Portable Diesel Genertor. These were noisy but gave electricity for a few hours that could operated lamps and electric fans.
And finally, a simple solution came along:
An inverter with a battery that could offer enough power to keep some lamps and fans working as well as a computer powered for up to eight hours depending on the usage. Totally noiseless but requiring distilled water replacement once every four months. While the inverter is not in use, the regular power supply charges the battery and so there is little need for any attention to be paid to it.

In our home, the inverter also provides a warm bed for our cat!
The inverter is on top of a movable case on castor wheels and is stored below the staircase. I have checked that it is quite safe for the cat to sleep on the inverter. As I type this post, the cat is just five feet away from me to my left.  The two little lights on the panel of the inverter indicates that regular power supply is operating.  When the top one goes off, it would mean that the inverter is supplying the power to the home.

I wonder how many of my readers would have ever used the first two lamps shown above.  Have you?

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  1. Other than a diesel/petrol generator we have used everything else. In fact we still have two miniature lanterns at home

  2. I can truthfully say that we have only ever used the first two. The last one does intrigue me though primarily due to us living in Florida. But seeing that we have to evacuate in the event of a hurricane, I doubt I will ever purchase one.

    1. Today, the situation is vastly different. We rarely get outages and many of my neighbours do not have the inverter. In my case, it is a relic that has been with me for many years and comes in handy particularly during the monsoons when falling trees can damage cables/transformers and cause outages.

  3. Power outages are so rare in Belfast (or anywhere else in Britain) that we’ve never used those two lamps. We have a few candles at the ready and that’s it. The inverter is ingenious, I’ve never seen one over here.

    1. Today, the situation is vastly different Nick. We rarely get outages and many of my neighbours do not have the inverter. In my case, it is a relic that has been with me for many years and comes in handy particularly during the monsoons when falling trees can damage cables/transformers and cause outages.

  4. I do remember the first two. but not as household items.
    we used them when camping out!
    and… I had no idea that you all have a cat!!! you’ve never mentioned her as I recall! but Ranjan and Minjiree (it’s telling me I’ve spelled her name wrong!) but they are such wonderful rescuers… I’m not surprised.
    I just keep two good flashlights and batteries on hand in one drawer for no electricity times. candles and fuel make me nervous. we have too many times that the WIND is cyclone level!

  5. I could have used that inverter when out in the country, what a marvelous thing it is! I have an electric hurricane lamp given to me by Daughter. A truly powerful light which is just whet’s needed when the wind screeches up to 120k and the lights flicker and go. Not too frequently but twice already this year. Loads of candles AND and an oil lamp.

  6. Many, many, many years ago I remember my parents using a hurricane lamp. We used to get a lot of power cuts in my village, the worst one lasted for four days, we used various candles.

  7. In year’s past as I was growing up we had a hurricane lamp(s). We probably had candles. I have some battery powered candles I use during the holidays and some regular candles, too. Also, I have two room-lighting stand-alone large battery powered lights, one of which has a radio. Additionally, I have several hand-held flashlights battery-powered and several small ones around my house. I just purchased a small solar charger and have another small power charger for small devices.

    I’d never heard of the inverter until you mentioned it. My son knew of an inverter that requires hooking up to the car’s battery as a power source. Then I found some other inverter types on Amazon but haven’t examined them yet. Good to consider.

    1. You seem to be well equipped with illumination but, depending on the weather and length of outages, an inverter will give you power for fans and charging your battery operated equipment.

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