Light and Shadow

This photograph was sent to me by a friend who found it on the internet to illustrate a story that he wanted to convey to me. The story, for this post, is unimportant but the photograph caught my imagination. Whoever is the photographer, my compliments to him for this very effective way to convey how an Indian mausoleum looks from inside. There are many, particularly in the Northern parts of India and I am unable to figure out quite from which one this is. The most likely place is the Agra Fort.
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I then searched for something suitable to post along with this post and found this wonderful poem at this blog.

“Shadow of Light”

Written in 2001 for no particular reason.

Despair’s the path of life I walk,
The shadows in which dwell
A goal I seek with all my heart –
Escape from any hell.

Fear and terror bar my way,
And darkness blinds my sight,
But all these things will flee before
The shadow of a light.

The journey’s rife with sorrow… pain…
At times it’s hard to cope…
But I’ll endure… search deeper still…
Where burns the flame of hope.

Simply beautiful.

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