Like MIL Like DIL?

I was busy attending to my email etc on the computer when my daughter in love said: “Appadum, would you like to see what your DIL is doing? Just what the MIL of this home used to do?”

So, I got myself moving to the garden to see what she was up to and this is what I saw.  The other lady assisting her in the very noble activity is our help Mangal who features in some of my posts regularly.

Not quite the kind of painting the elder Mrs. Rajgopaul used to indulge in but, painting nevertheless!

I thought to myself that the former will be spinning like a top wherever she is.

8 thoughts on “Like MIL Like DIL?”

  1. Your DIL is a character. Funny take, tongue-in-cheek, on her mother-in-law.

    I wouldn’t blame Urmeela spinning either. I once mentioned LSF (longest standing friend) to an acquaintance. The word “painter” entered the conversation. Oh, great, she said, you recommend him? Can you ask him to give me a quote? The walls could do with a fresh lick of paint.

    Yeah, well … maybe not at his prices. Though, like Vermeer, LSF does bring light to darkness.


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