Lincoln and The Old Fossil


The Old Fossil pointed me in the direction of a great piece of entertainment and I took his advise.

I have just returned after seeing Lincoln.

What did I learn? Even a heroe that one has admired for so long had to manipulate the political system just as our zeroes do now.

My recommendation? Worth an afternoon’s visit to a comfortable theater. I sacrificed my siesta and am no worse for it.

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  1. Daniel Day Lewis Portrayed the Lincoln that I’ve come to know through my studies of the Civil War with my Civil War blog. Karen found the movie boring, but, for me, it was fascinating to view a Washington — both the city and the politics — that I have only read about. It was amazing to see characters who looked so much like the people they portrayed.
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  2. I’ll wait until the movie comes out on Netflix so I can exercise while watching it, but I was already aware that Lincoln was an accomplished politician. I’ve read several biographies about him and the one that touched me the most was Team of Rivals, The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It was extremely well done, especially the relationship between Lincoln and Seward.
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    1. I should have guessed it, but in India, we read about his contribution to the abolition of slavery and his assassination only and that is why I found it so intriguing.

  3. His political mastery was one of the things I appreciated, but the way he came to life in a very believable way on the screen with the masterful portrayal given by Daniel Day Lewis was what really moved me. Like MIke, I was also fascinated with the portrayal of Washington and a time when a President could simply go out on the street in a carriage … or, as we sadly know, to the theater with his wife.
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