Lockdown 2.

Since 1200 midnight we are back in a lockdown due to alarming rise in the number of cases of covid reported and treated in our city. We were just getting slowly back to normal and this is a googly if ever one was.

Since early this morning, we are back to the beginning of our lockdown experience of no traffic or little and hearing nature’s sounds. The three of us at home sharing houesehold chores as the help will not come during this lockdown.

The lockdown is expected to last till the 23rd of this month.

I am not looking forward to it though, this time around, the supply of newspapers will not be stopped and so I can have my mornings occupied. The first problem has cropped up with our washing machine going on the blink and the mechanic not being able to come to attend to it. He is trying to get a pass to come over and we are hoping that he will be able to.

I hope that my readers are faring better.

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  1. I had never thought about needed appliances failing during a lockdown. Without being able to get it repaired or replaced, that could be would be a real problem.

    Our state, Arkansas, never has been in full lockdown. The only businesses that were closed were those where customers would be in extended proximity of others: bars, gyms, restaurants — dining inside was closed; drive-through or curbside pick-up was allowed –, barbershops, movie theaters and other entertainment venues, etc. All of these have been allowed to reopen with capacity limited to 2/3 of “normal,” though some have chosen not to reopen because the owners don’t feel it to be safe enough yet.

    We are doing fine. We stay home except for groceries, appointments and an occasional trip to the home-improvement store and wear masks when we are out. Our gym has been closed since the middle of March and, unfortunately, it resulted in “pandemic isolation” weight gain on my part. We went ahead and bought a treadmill, I stopped binging on comfort food, and, in nearly 3 weeks, I’ve lost over half of what I gained since the middle of March.

    1. We too are by and large quite comfortable and well prepared for the lockdown. In case the mechanic cannot come over, it would be back to bucket washing like we used to do in the good old days!

  2. It is such a thing like a broken appliance that can send one into a meltdown. I do hope you get it sorted as washing stuff in a sink is not the answer. Though I did have a manual washing machine, a small thing, at my rural house before I got a “real” one and it worked very well.

    Many countries and states and provinces are backtracking now. This Second Wave is terrifying. Stay safe.


  3. It is no different at our end also
    I am virtually locked up in my bedroom by none other than by my own daughter . The only liberty I get is to go through my F B. The little pleasure I get is reading your musings

    1. Welcome to the club KNS. My children too send me off to my room when visitors or vendors or other essential visitors come. So far, I have stayed safe and hope to till this madness lasts. I will try and post more for you from now on.

  4. I ordered a new oven before the lockdown i.e. on friday. I was told that delivery will happen on monday, I was really worried, it might not come for another 15 days. Surprisingly, it was delivered on Sunday evening. Enjoying my baking!

    1. I am delighted to hear that. Customer service is indeed improving. Our problem was also solved to some extent with the mechanic landing up but finding fault with the power point. We had to get an electrician to come over thankfully from very close by and he has fixed it temporarily and will do a permanent job after the lockdown is lifted. The machine is now working!

  5. Broken appliances? Please do not conjure up ghosts as yet asleep.

    Lockdown means different things in different countries. Don’t ask. I am done. Not that I want to go back to the motherland despite them being, as ever, so damn efficient. Yet, and not for the first time, I am done with England. First everyone quivered. Not a soul out on the street. Apart from me – at five in the morning. Two weeks ago all hell broke loose. Now we are instructed to wear face masks as of 24 July. What is that arbitrary date? Why not ages ago, yesterday, tomorrow or Thursday? If you want a lesson in shit management, Ramana, and I know you won’t wish to, live in this country. Still, to be fair, Brazil might be worse though they do dance.

    I am so disenchanted only my being awed being alive keeps me upright. I don’t buy into conspiracy theories but this whole business is one mega mind fuck. No disrespect to any of your other readers, as always I hope for Conrad’s input. I am in dire need of rhyme, reason.


  6. Welcome to the lockdown club Ramana – it’s back to lockdown for us also in Melbourne!
    I think we’re a little more aware of the ramifications and consequences it we don’t follow the rules this time.
    I’m just hoping nothing important goes belly up here in my household because that important person ‘the repair man’ won’t be coming to visit for quite a while.
    Take care

    1. The same prevails here this time around Cathy. There is no traffic or loafing aimlessly on the roads and people are observing the lockdown more seriously this time around. Our repairs got sorted out thanks to a police pass system for emergency service providers.

  7. We too are in Lockdown in Bangalore…. My fridge too is giving trouble… Refuses to close tight… I am locking it each time! Same planet’s in your eighth house as in mine…. Maybe

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