Lord Doctor Guruji.


My daughter in law got this text message in her mobile phone.

How are you and your family together with your business, I hope things are working well according to your expectation. We are very grateful to share your burden together with you as the African Lord Guru have arrive from South Africa on his second missionary to India to help people and build consulting temple/Ayurveda hospital where various healing both spiritual, physical problems like diabetes, stroke, tuberculosis, strong piles, lack of pregnancy, fibroid diseases, curing of deaf and dumb, lame walk, Contract winning favors, Political up liniment, and curing of different diseases on the surface of the earth.

Also he can make poor to be rich and richer to be richest and secure wealth with the help of Ancient spiritual herbalist power authority. Furthermore, he is in position to invoke and produce out millions of any currency in the world, and this money is a risk free, no blood sacrifice needed, and it can be used to set up business. We are searching for a honest person who can accommodate the Lord Guru for a solution to any kinds of healing and accomplishment of the Healing Temple in your country, Do you have/know somebody with the above conditions, kindly contact our email id

(drgurujilord77@yahoo.com.au)for testimonies and further clarification.
{Guru Lord P/Asst}.

She responded as follows:

You are talking about my husband. The rascal married me six weeks ago and disappeared with all my money after a few days. Immediately let me know his whereabouts so that I can send a recovery party. I don’t want him but I want all my money back.

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