Lord Of War.

lord of war

My young friend Jay  who is visiting us again, and I were in a serious discussion about the state of this world because he is deeply involved in all kinds of peace and world unity movements. He should be at his age and I should not be at mine.  I am allowed to be cynical because I have just lived a lot longer than he has and have seen a lot of nonsense that goes on behind scenes that idealists do not see, or, are incapable of seeing.

When I suggested to him that we will never see peace in our world because of the vested interests of the arms and ammunition business and their tie ups with all establishments, he said that he has seen the Lord Of War and despite that will remain an idealist. I was intrigued and investigated to find that I could see the film on Youtube and did just that.

And what a remarkable experience it was. I am glad that we have all these modern conveniences that enables us to see old films. This picture was released ten years ago when I was otherwise preoccupied and did not keep track of movies and among the many good ones I seem to have missed, this too turns out to be one with Nicholas Cage, one of favourite actors coming up with a satisfyingly professional performance.

But this powerful message during the interrogation scene is the one that socks you in your solar plexus and leaves you breathless and in awe. And this is what I told Jay and for which he said that he was fighting such forces. The difference between an old man and a young idealist.

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