Lost And Found!

shaving a cat
There are at least two of my readers, alas extremely close to me, who are likely to convey a Tamil proverb to me – “வேலை இல்லாத நாவிதன் பூனையை பிடிச்சு சரைப்பானாம்.” Translated, “A barber without clients will catch hold of a cat and shave it.” Read on to find out why!

lost-found“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it , than we do from learning the answer itself.”

~ Lord Alexander – British Politician & Barrister

The latest doctor’s prescription for my shoulder problem includes taking half a tablet twice a day, of a particularly strong medicine.

I have been having some problems breaking the tablet despite it having a dividing line because of my ulnar palsy in my right hand.  And I am most uncomfortable when I cannot cut the pill exactly into two halves and one bit is larger than the other.   Then in a flash I suddenly remembered  that I had procured a tablet cutter for my late father to whom too a half tablet had been prescribed for something or the other during his prolonged illness.

Having decided to search for the cutter I started from the most obvious place, the drawer in which various first aid medicines/requirements are kept and not finding it there, I started the search in earnest.

I found many other things that I had forgotten all about hidden away in places that I normally do not access, most of which had to be just junked and some that I was amazed to find available for use or for gifting to people who will appreciate them.  It took me fifty minutes of searching before I found the cutter, but those fifty minutes were very rewarding for all the other stuff that I did find.  And rewarding too for the space for storage that I have now created by junking a lot of stuff!

So, the idea for this blog post popped up and I went looking for the quotation from Lord Alexander cited above, which would have described the exact experience and that took me another thirty minutes to locate.

And yes, just as the quote observes,  I did not find the solution I was looking for because the cutter is for a round pill whereas the pill that I take is oblong!  I did however find many other interesting things and quotes for future use.  I had just forgotten where to look for what!

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  1. In my home we are always searching for something or the other….my husband Raju is a Master at misplacing things and well….if you cant beat it join it….I too have become a seracher. A friend of mine taught me a mantra “Reach’ to search with! It does work most times. You should see my grandaughter Madhura saying Reach Reach Reach as she winds her way around the house searching for her Homework book!

    1. It was early November 2010 that I developed cervical spondylosis which eventually resulted in the ulnar palsy. There is really no cure for it and when the pain had disappeared by late December my surgeon had suggested that I will get back most of the use of the hand bar some use for very fine work such as say eating rice with my hand, and that is what has happened. It is not a major handicap but a nuisance really. I thank you for your concern but assure you that it is within manageable proportions.

    1. I was playing ‘Hunt the glasses’ a couple of weeks ago. They were my prescription sunglasses, and although turning the house upside down, searching the car and retracing my steps on the last day I had them….. they remain lost. It was an expensive mistake… I now have a brand new pair and a lighter pocket! I need them for driving, especially on long journies.
      Grannymar recently posted..St. Patrick’s Day

  2. I have a number of things, in the “lost” dept at the moment which is annoying but they have substitutes which is good.

    Because I am rarely wearing my glasses at home, I have had to find a good place to have them for outings – because one day I missed the proposed train because I just couldn’t find the darn things and my ex-computer glasses aren’t all that crash hot to wear…

    1. I have solved the problem of glasses by keeping sets in every possible place where I may happen to sit as I am mostly without them when at home. I also keep a spare pair in the car just in case!

  3. Bummer! I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a cute little Youtube (or something) skit about someone searching for one thing, coming up with another…which leads to another, etc. Obviously, this is a widespread phenomenon! (I just can’t find it.)
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