Love Is As Rare As Finding Aliens.

Here is a fascinating account from an economist based in London. A classic example of perhaps some one with nothing better to do. In India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, there is a proverb that translated says “An underemployed barber will shave a cat.” That was my reaction when I read this article.

The article however led me to introspect on my own condition. My father, and my son are convinced that my crankiness has something to do with my single status. They have been trying to get me connected to some woman or the other using the Internet with no success whatsoever. My father says that it is because I do not live among the traditional groups from which I come and that if I move down to South India, it should be cinch that I will find someone in a flash. He of course does not realize that I have no interest whatsoever in the matter. He is convinced that I am lazy.

I wonder what Peter Backus will have to say about it! I am sending a link to this post to him at his email address with a request that he comment on the post. Let us see what happens.

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