12 thoughts on “Loyalty.”

  1. That’s weird. Your last four posts have only just come up on my screen! For weeks I’ve been seeing Loners and thinking it was time for another post. So that’s why I haven’t commented since then.

    Loyalty is a great aspiration as long as it isn’t blind loyalty and you’re defending someone even if they’ve done something quite unforgivable. I guess politics is the best example of blind loyalty to your party and your leader, even if it means a total u-turn every 24 hours.

    1. Same here, Nick. I thought Ramana had had it with blogging. Was just about to email him to ask whether he had given up the will to live when, what do you know, several of his blog posts from a couple of weeks showed up on the screen. Vagaries of life and the internet, I suppose.


  2. Agree with Nick on “loyalty”. Like love it shouldn’t be blind.

    Yes, love. Whilst I do respect the bond between a (wo)man and their dog I hesitate to call it love. Yes, you (human) may love the dog but does the dog “love” you or is just following their natural instinct of following the leader of the pack?

    No doubt Cheerful Monk will “love” me for my comment but facts are facts. Not least when you are a scientist. Everyone else is forgiven for making up their own stories in order to feel better about life.


    1. You have a point about dogs following the leader of the pack but, on the other hand, I see in our home, there are three leaders of the pack who are followed by out two dogs! In the case of at least one of them, Chutki, I am convinced that when she is with Manjiree and / or Ranjan, she thinks that she is a human being and when she is with me, she thinks that I am a dog.

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