Lucky Number Slevin.


A few days ago my friend Hendi posted a clip of this film on her facebook, I suspect, to show the histrionic abilities of Ben Kingsley and Josh Hartnett. She commented on it being funny rather than anything else.

Not having even heard of this film and because Ben Kingsley was featured in it, I investigated and found that apart from Ben Kingsley, the film also featured Bruce Willis, Lucy Lieu and Morgan Freeman. I was hooked. On further investigation, I also found that I could borrow the DVD from a local library┬árather than punch a hole in Ranjan’s legacy and so it was that I saw it earlier this evening.

Apart from the four actors, I had not heard of anyone else involved in the making of this film and another interesting piece of information that I gathered is that a rip off of the film in Telugu was made here but it flopped.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the film and thank Hendi for sharing the clip.  I was also very lucky that the DVD worked just fine unlike some other experiences that I have had with borrowed from the library DVDs.

If you have not seen the film and you like the Crime Thriller genre, this is quite a watchable film despite it running for and hour and fifty minutes. Since I saw it at home, I could pause and do other things in between but even had it been in a theater, I think that I would have been able to see it through without complaining about its length. I give it a reasonable[rating=5] rating and hope that it influences you to try and see it.

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