8 thoughts on “Lunch 2.”

  1. I remember that lunch post then.
    talk about synchronicity! just yesterday Michael and I ate at a restaurant here.
    you literally had to yell. it was a new place to us so we gave it a chance.
    at one point I yelled across our table for 2 at him and nobody even noticed!!!
    seriously. I mean really yelled! not just talked loudly. I knew right then… doomed! 😀
    but it was a game day (football… American style) and I suppose everyone was happy. I had a headache by the time we left! LOL
    (they even had music playing too. and tv’s going with all the games on them.)
    and I had the most delicious coconut pudding I’ve ever had in my life.

  2. That doesn’t surprise me at all. Jenny and I are often on the point of trying a new restaurant when we hear how loud the background music is and we just walk out and look for somewhere else. I don’t understand how other people seem to be quite happy shouting at each other for an hour or two and straining to hear the conversation.

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