After a very long time, I had the experience of a fabulous lunch with people who I love in a great restaurant under spectacular weather conditions. we were celebrating the sixth wedding anniversary of Manjiree and Ranjan and everything was perfect.

Except for an in-house singer with a guitar and very loud amplifier/speakers combination whose music kept coming in the way of my ability to listen to the conversation around me. After trying to get the volume down and having failed, I simply switched off and tried to put on a cheerful face while the others apparently had no difficulty in shouting over the noise to hear each other.

While I enjoyed the food and the ambience I ended up with a very rare head ache and have vowed not to go to such places anymore.

Age is telling!

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  1. Nice photo. Manjiree her usual beaming self.

    As to noise levels in restaurants – you don’t have to be THAT old to find yourself out of the loop. I don’t know what it is – had my hearing checked and it’s fine – yet at times I have to resort to lipreading (my secret weapon) . Other than that, like you, I do have a convincing smile and just nod and throw in the odd random question. If all else fails, I take it upon me to do all the talking. That way I know what’s being said.


  2. Please relay my congrats Ramana, how lovely. I remember their marriage. Marjiree always reminds me of sunshine. It radiates from her. No wonder animals are drawn to her.

    As to the noise. I know. Annoying as hell. My ears, too, are sensitive. It’s the volume rather than the music.


  3. I love what WWW said about Manjiree. they are both a golden couple. it’s all about love. and the wonderful work they do. please give them my congratulations too!
    and LOUD has nothing to do with age. the whole world seems to be talking about it. everywhere you go the volume is cranked up to dangerously high levels of NOISE. and like you… it gives me a head ache.
    and I just give up and endure it like a nightmare. it can ruin a lovely evening out. how do people even ‘think!’ much less communicate?

    1. I shall pass on your message to them and I could not agree more with your observation about their nature. The noise is best avoided and that is why I prefer not going to most places with music.

  4. I agree with WWW about your daughter in love and sons’ marriage/life…

    yep, noise seems to out there badly…I think that is why I love this pad. Anyone who needs to go to work, have gone – and it’s only just 7.30am. I don’t seem to have many neighbours who do that within earshot now – with a noisy vehicle. All I can hear right now is my own typing noise, some birds and the odd truck on the main road…(tuesday).
    Tomorrow the rubbish truck will rattle past but that’s only in a wide gap of time as there are a lot of little streets (no exit) off this no exit end. Like yesterday a courier might come down – but rarely there will be much else. Lawncare man once a fortnight with his somewhat noisy tools – some shouting maybe here and there…

    But if I chose to go out, noise appears very quickly…

    1. One can get somewhat used to street noise but, what I cannot understand is why people put up with such noise when they should be enjoying the meal and the conversation at the tables.

  5. I don’t think the noise problem is necessarily an age thing. I’ve always had difficulty hearing people when there’s loud background noise or music. I don’t know why the music so often has to be deafeningly loud. Like you I find that if I ask for the music to be turned down, it’s turned down for a few minutes and then raised back to the original volume.

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