Mail To The Dead. II

When I posted my Mail To The Dead last year, I thought that the mailer will somehow get to see it and stop sending further mails as I had rung up their office and had requested them to stop sending any more mail and had also completed the paper work asked for by them.

The Indian Public Sector companies march to their own drum beats.  I had posted my experience with them on the telephone immediately following my father’s death which caused quite a lot of amusement then.

Look at this envelope.


And the letter’s first page!


You can click on the images to get an enlarged version of each image.

After the conversation I had with the lady last year, I had followed up with formal communication with copy of the death certificate and also an affidavit confirming that he did not leave behind a grieving widow. Today, when I rang them up again, there was a different lady at the post and she promptly suggested that the mail must be delivered to the widow. When I said that there was no widow she was stumped and said that there is something wrong and that she will rectify the records.

I shall keep you posted on developments as I am sure that something like this happen again.


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