Male Attractiveness.

Charles Atlas

That is Charles Atlas for the younger readers of my posts. In my teenage days, Charles Atlas offered teen aged males hope.
Charles Atlas Ad

The most famous and quoted of these ads was one of a bully kicking sand onto the face of a skinny spcimen on a beach with a very attractive young girl beside him.

Most of my friends and I did not want to have anything to do with Charles Atlas as he was far away in the USA and India was a very much closed country for anything foreign. But all of us dreamt of dating attractive girls like those in these ads. It was also a time when we were getting to read more American publications than English and comics were the ones in which these advertisements used to appear.

Since my readership consists of many people who will remember the Charles Atlas stage of our growth and many are likely to share my own recollection of those days, I think that I should share something very interesting.

Now after all these years, when I most certainly do not dream of dating nymphet, something to disturb my equilibrium appeared recently in the most respected of journals, The Economist.

How I wish that I had known about this phenomenon then!

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